Create and update calendar events and have them read aloud


  • common group calendar
  • supports any language in UTF-8 char set
  • languages can be added on one's own,
  • up to 24 different languages are supported


  • needs regular improvement
  • user reviews are rare

Create and update calendar events and have them read aloud

Agenda is a simple and small reminder for birthdays and other events. Agenda is multilingual and plays sound files or Morse codes if desired - even without sound card. Furthermore, the integrated speech synthesis can read the actual events aloud, if your system supports synthetic voices ( like Microsoft's Anna or Loquendo's software). The built-in texts are alterable to support any language; therfore you can also form your own greeting texts - the program can welcome you with a "Hello, Michael". The simple database can also display images of the persons registered.

im-/export of *.iCal and *.csv data common group calendar text-to-speech interface

It is aiming at remembering regular events in a simple way on the task bar. When starting the machine or on wake up the actual events can be read aloud by the text-to-speech interface.

Occasional users who do not need a calendar on every hour, but want to remember birthdays or want to be reminded about upcoming events.



Agenda 2.83